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IMMERplus Vitide

Micro molecule nutrients, PEPTIDE

Soy Micro Molecule Bioactive Peptide, The golden essence for life.

Life's wonderful with "Peptide" Vitalized Cells

The concept of Peptide may seem new among normal norms; but in fact, peptide governs and regulates the bio-activities our bodily cells which includes: hormone; nerves; cellular growth and reproductive systems etc. Scientists have proven that overall development, treatment and rehabilitation process of diseases, are interrelated with peptide.

IMMERplus Vitide Glycogenin is transformed into micro molecule peptides through modern microbial fermentation techniques and easily absorbed by the body.

Benefits of Peptide:


Activates cellular activity and removes harmful free radicals


Repairs damaged cells and reconditioning cell structures


Promotes cellular assimilative function and normalizes metabolism


Inhibits cell mutations and strengthens bodily immunity

Magical effects of Soy Micro Molecule Bioactive Peptide:

Enhances bodily immune power.
Helps regulate blood pressure.
Effectively reduces blood lipids level.
Elevates power of concentration and memory.
Reduces muscular strain and trauma, rapid physical restorations.
Enhances and firms muscles / strengthens skin muscles.
Promotes skin elasticity, relieve menopausal symptoms.

“PEPTIDE” health regimen - Pioneering revolutionary nutrition of 21st century