Our Culture


Our Vision

We endeavor to be the pride as one of the foremost achievers of Asia’s direct marketing industry. With operations concurrently pivoted in Malaysia and China, we are spearheading our leaps across Asia and pacific region encompassing China Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and other highly potential territories in the world, in quest of materializing our dynamic globalization debut.

Our Mission

Through upholding of fundamental culture and practices of an authentic Direct Marketing entity; where product strengths; business platform establishments; training and education programs; inculcation of caring and sharing culture; sustainable management models; and hence enriches immense numbers of joyous family lifestyle; are key factors that defined our primary missionary endeavors.

Core Values

Core values are basic success factors of all IMMERI family members:


Honest, fair and professional in all undertaking for mutually long term business and inter personal relationship.


Always be thankful, humble and show high regards to seniors and counterparts for their capabilities, qualities and personal achievements.


Joy of sharing knowledge and experiences among peers for betterment of lifestyle quality and progressive future.

Success Breeds Success

It is through helping others to success that YOU shall achieve even higher level of success.