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Skin Treatment Bio-Cellulose Mask

The exquisite Bio-fiber based Skin Treatment Bio- Cellulose Mask is the product of Tecsion Cosmetics S.ACenter, Sweden. Enriched with nourishing active factors, only relatively short application of 15 to 20 minutes is sufficient to effectively render:

24 hours “lock on” moisturizing
Enhancement of skin elasticity
Facial contour firming through skin texture restoration

Key Features

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24 hours “lock-on” moisturizing

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Enhances skin elasticity

The exclusive biological fiber or Bio-fibre mask, is the product of the latest microbial engineering; where nano-organic fiber is derived from edible fungus through fermentation process. In Europe and America, nano-fibre is medically applied in artificial blood vessels and artificial skin cultures. As base material to Skin Treatment Bio-Cellulose Mask, organic nano-bio-fiber delivers sensation of overlaying of an artificial skin layer during application that delivers a soothing and cooling softness which befits perfectly to your facial contour thus helps in enhancing the skin elasticity.

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Facial contour firming through skin texture restoration

Skin Treatment Bio-Cellulose Mask is exclusively woven with X50 micro-capsule – an advent "Intelligent Targeting Device" technology. The ultra-fine active molecules in the micro-capsule of Skin Treatment Bio-Cellulose Mask are capable of in depth penetration into targeted deep skin layers, to accurately replenishes nutrients needed by skin cells; thereby enhances skin's collagen and elastic fibers, so as to further empower the efficiencies of elimination of fine lines formation.