Cotton Soft Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads

Breathable, worry-free and comfortable


Ultra-thin, refreshing, and light


Rapid absorption
Prevents back flow and overflow

Functional Chip

Warms the uterus
Improves blood circulation


Does not contain fluorescent or whitening agent


Day Use

240mm 10pads

Night Use

285mm 8pads

Mini Day Use

190mm 20pads

Maxi Night Use

350mm 5pads


The Ultimate 9 Layers of Protection

  1. Skin-friendly cotton soft surface
  2. 5-in-1 composited functional chip
  3. Non-woven fabric (rapid absorption)
  4. Air-laid paper
  5. Superabsorbent polymer
  6. Air-laid paper
  7. PE breathable base film
  8. Peel-off strip
  9. Non-woven wrapper

The Uniqueness of Auffair

Comfortable and Safe

S-shaped cold-pressed perforated thermal bonded non-woven fabric, this unique perforated structure allows menstrual blood to penetrate downwards quickly.
Non-woven cotton soft surface: Cotton material improves comfort and softness, skin-friendly and gentle to the skin.
Leak Proof Barrier: Establish a safety barrier to effectively absorb and prevent side leakage.

Good Absorption, Dry, Comfortable

5-in-1 composited functional chip: Warms the uterus, activates the meridian system, promotes blood circulation, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and eliminates odour.
Non-woven fabric (rapid absorption): Ensures longitudinal menstrual flow and downward penetration.
Air-laid paper: Fluffy and soft.
Superabsorbent polymer: Rapid adsorption; water absorbent (absorption factor), huge absorption capacity, high penetration rate.

Breathable, Clean, Safe

PE Breathable film: Waterproof, breathable, comfortable and effective in eliminating dampness and heat during menses.
Peel-off strip: Peels off easily, food grade adhesive, safe and hygienic.
Non-woven wrapper: Wraps and seals thoroughly, smooth, safe and hygienic.