Independent . Master . Motivation . Explorer . Replicator . International



Driven by initial ideal and affirmative determinations, IMMERI, which consists of German word: “IMMER” and letter “I”; materialized her official inception in year 2017. “IMMER” means “eternity” in German language; whereas letter “I” represents “International”.

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Via IMMERI, we envisioned direct selling profession to return to its original motivations; where sustainable management and globalization perspectives are shinning armors. Hence, with endeavor to quest for ultimate success, we are committed to work hand in hand together with our business partners as a team to foster vitality and happiness to every family!


IMMERI is platform for development of an independent and professional career that fueled with spirits of exploration and challenges; therefore, consistent encouragement and motivation among all business partners are essential. To ensure sustainable continuity, the practice of duplicating “success business model” must be done in brief and simplified manner. Pinnacle of success are instilled for those vested with high and far sighted visions; widened scope of international perspectives; and the ability to consolidate team efforts for in depth development!